Prepare for Valentine’s Day Now!

By · Saturday, February 5th, 2011


By Dr. Cindy Brown

Are you one of those peo­ple who dread Valen­tines Day? Are you afraid it will not turn out exact­ly the way you want it to? Well I would like to help you change your atti­tude this Valentine’s Day with a few sim­ple strate­gies I teach my clients all the time.

Whether you are in a rela­tion­ship, or you are sin­gle (see #5). It real­ly can be a nice cel­e­bra­tion of love and car­ing for your­self, or each oth­er if you are sen­si­tive about expec­ta­tions, feel­ings, fears, wants and needs. Let’s look at the dif­fer­ent ways you can make it a “win win” for every­one!

1. Start out by ini­ti­at­ing a con­ver­sa­tion about Valentine’s Day today, this week (with your­self and/or with your part­ner)! It’s pos­si­ble he/she hasn’t even focused on it yet, or for­got it is next week, or for­got on pur­pose to avoid uncom­fort­able feel­ings that he/she is not even con­scious of. Don’t react to this, sim­ply be pleas­ant and encour­age a lov­ing con­ver­sa­tion. Explore gen­tly what expec­ta­tions either of you have about; the day or evening or both; gifts or no gifts; trips or stay at home, etc. and start to under­stand the tone of what your part­ner is feel­ing at this time about the event, so you can know how to pro­ceed next.

2. Once you have explored #1 and you feel he/she is open to your sug­ges­tions, give your part­ner a list of choic­es of items you’d like; places you would like to go, food you would like to eat, activ­i­ties you’d like to do- in all price ranges, add some things he/she could do that would cost him/her noth­ing (do the laun­dry, go for a hike togeth­er, give you a mas­sage etc)

3. Be spe­cif­ic about col­ors, fla­vors, restau­rant names, times of the day, activ­i­ties. *Do not be vague or mys­te­ri­ous, or try to have him guess or sur­prise you- this usu­al­ly leads to unful­filled expec­ta­tions and upset (my Rela­tion­ship Secrets Prod­uct has a whole sec­tion on upset.) Help your part­ner be suc­cess­ful, help your­self be ful­filled and happy…BE SPECIFIC and detailed!

4. As far as want­i­ng cloth­ing as a gift- go try it on and give him/her sizes, col­ors, style of cloth­ing, name of store, or go put it on hold with your name, tell the store clerk who will pick it up.*DON’T GIVE HIM/HER A RANDOM CLOTHING ARTICLE AND EXPECT HIM/HER TO FIND IT AND GET THE RIGHT SIZE! This can be a dis­as­ter!

5. Remem­ber to ask your part­ner the same, what does he/she want as well. Please don’t expect it is your hol­i­day. Your part­ner wants to feel appre­ci­at­ed and spe­cial as well!

6. If you are not in a rela­tion­ship treat your­self to a won­der­ful day of pam­per­ing and cel­e­brat­ing you! Valen­tines Day doesn’t have to be just about two peo­ple in a rela­tion­ship. Cel­e­brate the rela­tion­ship you have, or want to have with you!

I was sin­gle for years and each year I would buy myself a big bou­quet of ros­es, a SMALL box of choco­lates (got to watch my girl­ish fig­ure), gave myself a good foot mas­sage. I even bought some sexy lin­gerie for myself and wore it to work that day under my busi­ness suit. Nobody knew, but I felt sexy J! **Don’t’ for­get to cel­e­brate YOU! You are impor­tant whether or not any­body else acknowl­edges that or not, You need to acknowl­edge your­self. I know you will feel bet­ter if you do!

I am hop­ing these sug­ges­tions will allow you to have a bet­ter V.D. this year, whether you are sin­gle or cou­pled it can be a time of cel­e­bra­tion. Please let me know your expe­ri­ences and any oth­er tips you may have that I missed. If you need addi­tion­al coach­ing and sup­port please call me (310) 202‑1610 Ext. 1 and we can set up a ses­sion to help you. Hap­py VD!

Remem­ber: In order to be the per­son you have nev­er been, In order to have the life and rela­tion­ships you have nev­er had, You must do what you have nev­er done before: Give me a call or con­tact me 310–202-1610 so I can sup­port you fur­ther!

© 2007–2011 Dr. Cindy Brown

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