Is LOVE Enough?

By · Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Is Love ENOUGH?”

By Dr. Cindy Brown

We think when we meet some­one and fall in love that the love should be enough to just heal any prob­lem or issue in our relationships…Right?

How­ev­er as we go along, we see that Rela­tion­ships can be and often are very com­pli­cat­ed due to the dif­fer­ent per­son­al­i­ties, back­grounds and rela­tion­ship expe­ri­ence of the two peo­ple involved.

The thing is, we don’t receive much train­ing for rela­tion­ships in our younger years or in school, and often the only expe­ri­ence we did receive is wit­ness­ing our care­givers inter­act as our role mod­els. And so what we wit­nessed as a child becomes what we learn, know and what is famil­iar to us. Then what we do is… either do exact­ly what we have seen and are famil­iar with, OR we try to do the oppo­site with­out any real train­ing of what is healthy and what will actu­al­ly work with our part­ner and our unique rela­tion­ship.

It is under­stand­able that the major­i­ty of peo­ple who are in rela­tion­ships have very unhealthy ways of relat­ing. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is a tricky con­cept, and often men and women speak and lis­ten and com­pre­hend dif­fer­ent­ly, how­ev­er we expect each oth­er to do the same things and get frus­trat­ed when we both don’t do what each oth­er wants. Women com­plain men don’t lis­ten or open up and share their feel­ings or any­thing!! AND Men com­plain women talk a lot and are always nag­ging them.

SO What should you do? I rec­om­mend get­ting some coach­ing ear­ly so your rela­tion­ship doesn’t get to be a big­ger prob­lem than it is. You wouldn’t wait weeks and weeks OR EVEN months and years to fix a prob­lem with your health or car, would you?

Let me, the DR, know if there are any ques­tions you need answered, or advice you need, I am here to help you! ***Please do not make the mis­take of many and feel too proud that you should know every­thing, or be too ashamed or embar­rassed to ask for help. The smartest cou­ples ask for help and advice when there are issues. Be proac­tive, not reac­tive and your rela­tion­ship will be more of a suc­cess!

Remem­ber: In order to be the per­son you have nev­er been, In order to have the life and rela­tion­ships you have nev­er had, You must do what you have nev­er done before: Give me a call 310–202-1610 or con­tact me so I can sup­port you in hav­ing the best life you’ve ever had!

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