Do You Need Spring Cleaning For Your Relationships?

“Spring Cleaning for Your Relationship(s)” 
 By Dr. Cindy Brown Spring is seasonally a time of new beginnings for plants and animals. It’s also a time for humans to start assessing what has happened previously in the first quarter and to determine if you want to continue that for the rest of the year. I think […]

Prepare for Valentine’s Day Now!

“HOW TO HAVE THE BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER?” By Dr. Cindy Brown Are you one of those people who dread Valentines Day? Are you afraid it will not turn out exactly the way you want it to? Well I would like to help you change your attitude this Valentine’s Day with a few simple strategies […]

Secrets To Accomplishing A BIG Goal

“Secrets To Accomplishing A BIG Goal This Year, FNALLY!” By Dr. Cindy Brown Many of you have goals you want to accomplish each New Year, but for some reason you don’t accomplish them. WHY? Some of the reasons seem to be: √You Don’t write your goal down because you are afraid to fail, be judged […]

Is LOVE Enough?

“Is Love ENOUGH?” By Dr. Cindy Brown We think when we meet someone and fall in love that the love should be enough to just heal any problem or issue in our relationships…Right? However as we go along, we see that Relationships can be and often are very complicated due to the different personalities, backgrounds […]