CS Experience Home-study Program



You that is ALONE, or Feeling Alone in your life without a Fulfilling and Successful Relationship!


Unless you want to…?

I used to be sad spending special days and holidays alone. I used to be mad that I couldn’t figure out why everyone else seemed to know how to attract and have a good relationships but me!

I used to ask-Why is it that some people know how to do this thing called attraction and dating but not me?

I used to even cry during romantic movies because I thought that would never be me kissing the cute guy! 🙁

However I am NOW Happy to say I know the secrets to this mystery!  Want to find out?

Let me first tell you that I too was once unhappily single for years and struggled with my own lack of confidence and self worth. I would force myself to go out and hope that someone would notice me. I would spend hours and hours on online dating sites…yeagh that’s right I did them all too. You are not alone, I know what it is like.

SO what changed you ask?  It took many steps for me to  move forward past my blocks, habits and limited beliefs.

I figured out what I needed to do to change from the inside so I would attract someone good for me on the outside.

I created a foolproof system that has 7 steps to attracting that person that’s right for you

I first wrote these steps in my award winning book- The Cinderella System: 7 STeps to Attracting the Man & Relationship of Your Dreams and then due to popular demand I created a “LIVE” Event called The Cinderella Experience, where I took a small group of courageous women on an adventurous journey through each of the 7 steps of my Cinderella System. They learned the steps and accomplished the exercises LIVE with tremendous growth and development. I’ve already have received dozens of emails from particpants  announcing new relationships and even an upcoming engagement since the event months ago! Whoohoo!

That could be you, sooner than you think…by summer!


“This book and program helped me discover what I was doing and not doing right. After I finished the program I was so much more aware of myself and what I needed to do to attract the right partner…and I did 3 months later. I am happily living with him now and it’s going great. Hopefully I will be sending you an announcement soon! Thank you so much for your experience and wisdom!”

–T.N., Los Angeles, CA

The Cinderella System Experience will be AVAILABLE Here On DEMAND and as a packaged product soon.

Here’s Some of What You Will Learn as You Experience the Cinderella System Homestudy product:

• Why you continue to attract the same men and what you can do about it

• The Five star method to have men following you and never leaving you

•The myths and fantasies about men and relationships and how knowing these will guarantee you a happier future

• Why you are not happy with Yourself and how to begin to change your belief about yourself for the better

• What your BIGGEST Fears tell you and how to Eliminate them FOREVER!

• The Key Personal Growth Process to effectively and Permanently allow you to finally “Let Go” of past hurts and negative experiences

• What your BIGGEST OBSTACLES to Dating ad Attracting Men are and how to change them so you are a MALE MAGNET!

•Why you need to listen to your inner guidance if you want to attract the “right” man and have the relationship you desire

• What personal qualities you have that may be repelling the “right” man and how to gain new attractor factors

• The exact source of your failure to attract the “right” man and how now to have a successful relationship

• The Relationship preparation program guaranteed to get you the results you want NOW, not later!

Here’s How You Know If This Product is Perfect for You:

You are PERFECT for this program and this program is Perfect for you if you:

• Are sick and tired of dating the same wrong guys

• Are frustrated with not knowing why your are- attracting what you are attracting or attracting nothing at all!

• Want to look intimately at your patterns of behavior and change them for the better of you and your future

• Are courageous enough to participate in the exercises and move forward into a wonderful life with a new partner

• You Know this is your time to take this journey and be successful at attracting the Man and Relationship of your Dreams

This Program is NOT right for you if you…

• Want a magic pill, but don’t want to take the journey and/or change

• Want to continue the same behavior and get same results

• Want me to “prove” something to you

• Don’t want to watch the DVDs or do the exercises

• Don’t really want to learn something different, nor do you listen very well

• You are a victim and think the world and I am against you

• Can’t take FULL responsibility for what your life has been and will be


The Cinderella System Program is the Answer to My Prayers! Dr. Cindy Brown’s 7 Step Cinderella System is the answer to my prayers. Finally, a Program with specific, easy and insightful processes to attract my ideal life partner. The self-discovery exercises and group process has really helped me to focus in on my unique personal process. I am so grateful to have a successful and comprehensive program for myself and to recommend to all of my clients!

Deborah Deras, Speaker, Life Coach and Co-author of Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict: How to Achieve More with Less Effort  Los Angeles, CA www.SynergyUnlimited.net

I FOUND THE MAN OF MY DREAMS WHEN I FOUND MYSELF BURIED DEEP INSIDE WALLS I NEEDED DR. CINDY’S HELP TO BREAK DOWN. Dr. Cindy’s amazing Cinderella System Experience was the beginning of my journey towards understanding myself. Through the group partiscipation and exercises I was able to uncover the issues and beliefs that were holding me back from attracting the right man into my life. Within 1 month of the experience I met an awesome e guy that I am currently in a wonderfully fulfilling relationship today. I thank you Dr. Cindy for finally helping me break my long-held patterns!

J. P. , Executive Assistant, Los Angeles, CA

Here’s What You Will Learn in the “LIVE” Cinderella System EXPERIENCE  5 DVD Sessions


In this First session we will begin to get to know eachother, but more important you will begin to look at your own thoughts, feelings and learned attitudes about being in a relationship. You will explore the reasons why or why you are not in a relationship and how your early role models affected your relationship history and the experiences you live-out today. You will gain valuable knowledge about yourself to continue towards your ultimate goals.

STEP#2 – SELF-DISCOVERY Here we will look and dig a little deeper to uncover how you honestly feel about yourself from the inside-out. We will look at changing some of your personal characteristics to have you exuding more self-confidence and the energy that men are attracted to. We will discuss what your special attraction is, and how you can change negative factors into your special unique attractor factors to get you instant results.


During this session we will continue digging and uncovering what are your fears, irrational beliefs, attitudes, past experiences and baggage that are negatively blocking you from having what you really want right now (Why do you pick the “same Wrong” guy?) You will learn the importance of self-love and self trust as essential tools to you having an emotionally safe relationship. One bonus to this program is that you will intimately study and practice Dr. Cindy’s Emotional Management Technique™ (E.M.T). This tool will have you confidently attracting the right man and allowing you a more successful relationship in the future.


Here in this session we will be looking at how the way you feel about yourself; treat yourself, speak to yourself and see yourself affects your energy and the attractor factors men pick up on. You will learn about your personal assets and liabilities and how to change or add to them if you want better results than what you are currently getting. Ultimately this session you will work on and improve your self-esteem so that you are a man magnet!


This Step is one of the most important parts in this program…getting clear about what you want in a man and a relationship, once you have done the emotional healing and cleared out the early baggage. Now you are ready to examine your wants, needs, desires while looking into your past for reference and guidance. Once you determine what you need and the qualities you desire, you have the beginning preparation to ultimately attract and manifest the man and relationship you desire.


After 5 steps of exploration, uncovering and preparation, we are now ready to look at manifesting. You will learn about the Law of Attraction and how to clean up your beliefs, attitude, mindset and emotional energy in order to attract what you really want and dream of. We will also spend some time on the art of receiving and look at how many of us are unconsciously sabotaging people giving attention and love to us. Prepare to learn to manifest what you desire!


In this session we will work on our final step of the Cinderella System. You have journeyed far; much work you have accomplished, many tools you have learned and mastered, and now is the time for planning, practice and getting closer to your dreams come true. We will look at where you can practice to get the best results. We will discuss settling vs. going for your wish list. And last but certainly not least, you will create a master plan and blueprint so you can continue to implement all that you have learned and get you closer to your very own fairy tale! Now it’s time to get out there and practice and attract what you are and love!



• 5 Sessions, approximately 6.5 hours of the “LIVE” Cinderella System EXPERIENCE, the 7 Steps, Downloadable files or DVDs


• Communication ToolBox

•  Relationship Secrets Templates

And Many More Surprise Add-ons!

YES DR. CINDY I WANT THIS NOW!———————————————–