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You that is ALONE, or Feel­ing Alone in your life with­out a Ful­fill­ing and Suc­cess­ful Rela­tion­ship!


Unless you want to…?

I used to be sad spend­ing spe­cial days and hol­i­days alone. I used to be mad that I couldn’t fig­ure out why every­one else seemed to know how to attract and have a good rela­tion­ships but me!

I used to ask-Why is it that some peo­ple know how to do this thing called attrac­tion and dat­ing but not me?

I used to even cry dur­ing roman­tic movies because I thought that would nev­er be me kiss­ing the cute guy! 🙁

How­ev­er I am NOW Hap­py to say I know the secrets to this mys­tery!  Want to find out?

Let me first tell you that I too was once unhap­pi­ly sin­gle for years and strug­gled with my own lack of con­fi­dence and self worth. I would force myself to go out and hope that some­one would notice me. I would spend hours and hours on online dat­ing sites…yeagh that’s right I did them all too. You are not alone, I know what it is like.

SO what changed you ask?  It took many steps for me to  move for­ward past my blocks, habits and lim­it­ed beliefs.

I fig­ured out what I need­ed to do to change from the inside so I would attract some­one good for me on the out­side.

I cre­at­ed a fool­proof sys­tem that has 7 steps to attract­ing that per­son that’s right for you

I first wrote these steps in my award win­ning book– The Cin­derel­la Sys­tem: 7 STeps to Attract­ing the Man & Rela­tion­ship of Your Dreams and then due to pop­u­lar demand I cre­at­ed a “LIVE” Event called The Cin­derel­la Expe­ri­ence, where I took a small group of coura­geous women on an adven­tur­ous jour­ney through each of the 7 steps of my Cin­derel­la Sys­tem. They learned the steps and accom­plished the exer­cis­es LIVE with tremen­dous growth and devel­op­ment. I’ve already have received dozens of emails from par­tic­pants  announc­ing new rela­tion­ships and even an upcom­ing engage­ment since the event months ago! Whoohoo!

That could be you, soon­er than you think…by sum­mer!


This book and pro­gram helped me dis­cov­er what I was doing and not doing right. After I fin­ished the pro­gram I was so much more aware of myself and what I need­ed to do to attract the right partner…and I did 3 months lat­er. I am hap­pi­ly liv­ing with him now and it’s going great. Hope­ful­ly I will be send­ing you an announce­ment soon! Thank you so much for your expe­ri­ence and wis­dom!”

–T.N., Los Ange­les, CA

The Cin­derel­la Sys­tem Expe­ri­ence will be AVAILABLE Here On DEMAND and as a pack­aged prod­uct soon.

Here’s Some of What You Will Learn as You Expe­ri­ence the Cin­derel­la Sys­tem Home­s­tudy prod­uct:

• Why you con­tin­ue to attract the same men and what you can do about it

• The Five star method to have men fol­low­ing you and nev­er leav­ing you

•The myths and fan­tasies about men and rela­tion­ships and how know­ing these will guar­an­tee you a hap­pi­er future

• Why you are not hap­py with Your­self and how to begin to change your belief about your­self for the bet­ter

• What your BIGGEST Fears tell you and how to Elim­i­nate them FOREVER!

• The Key Per­son­al Growth Process to effec­tive­ly and Per­ma­nent­ly allow you to final­ly “Let Go” of past hurts and neg­a­tive expe­ri­ences

• What your BIGGEST OBSTACLES to Dat­ing ad Attract­ing Men are and how to change them so you are a MALE MAGNET!

•Why you need to lis­ten to your inner guid­ance if you want to attract the “right” man and have the rela­tion­ship you desire

• What per­son­al qual­i­ties you have that may be repelling the “right” man and how to gain new attrac­tor fac­tors

• The exact source of your fail­ure to attract the “right” man and how now to have a suc­cess­ful rela­tion­ship

• The Rela­tion­ship prepa­ra­tion pro­gram guar­an­teed to get you the results you want NOW, not lat­er!

Here’s How You Know If This Prod­uct is Per­fect for You:

You are PERFECT for this pro­gram and this pro­gram is Per­fect for you if you:

• Are sick and tired of dat­ing the same wrong guys

• Are frus­trat­ed with not know­ing why your are- attract­ing what you are attract­ing or attract­ing noth­ing at all!

• Want to look inti­mate­ly at your pat­terns of behav­ior and change them for the bet­ter of you and your future

• Are coura­geous enough to par­tic­i­pate in the exer­cis­es and move for­ward into a won­der­ful life with a new part­ner

• You Know this is your time to take this jour­ney and be suc­cess­ful at attract­ing the Man and Rela­tion­ship of your Dreams

This Pro­gram is NOT right for you if you…

• Want a mag­ic pill, but don’t want to take the jour­ney and/or change

• Want to con­tin­ue the same behav­ior and get same results

• Want me to “prove” some­thing to you

• Don’t want to watch the DVDs or do the exer­cis­es

• Don’t real­ly want to learn some­thing dif­fer­ent, nor do you lis­ten very well

• You are a vic­tim and think the world and I am against you

• Can’t take FULL respon­si­bil­i­ty for what your life has been and will be


The Cin­derel­la Sys­tem Pro­gram is the Answer to My Prayers! Dr. Cindy Brown’s 7 Step Cin­derel­la Sys­tem is the answer to my prayers. Final­ly, a Pro­gram with spe­cif­ic, easy and insight­ful process­es to attract my ide­al life part­ner. The self-dis­cov­ery exer­cis­es and group process has real­ly helped me to focus in on my unique per­son­al process. I am so grate­ful to have a suc­cess­ful and com­pre­hen­sive pro­gram for myself and to rec­om­mend to all of my clients!

Deb­o­rah Deras, Speak­er, Life Coach and Co-author of Con­fes­sions of an Adren­a­line Addict: How to Achieve More with Less Effort  Los Ange­les, CA www.SynergyUnlimited.net

I FOUND THE MAN OF MY DREAMS WHEN I FOUND MYSELF BURIED DEEP INSIDE WALLS I NEEDED DR. CINDY’S HELP TO BREAK DOWN. Dr. Cindy’s amaz­ing Cin­derel­la Sys­tem Expe­ri­ence was the begin­ning of my jour­ney towards under­stand­ing myself. Through the group par­tis­ci­pa­tion and exer­cis­es I was able to uncov­er the issues and beliefs that were hold­ing me back from attract­ing the right man into my life. With­in 1 month of the expe­ri­ence I met an awe­some e guy that I am cur­rent­ly in a won­der­ful­ly ful­fill­ing rela­tion­ship today. I thank you Dr. Cindy for final­ly help­ing me break my long-held pat­terns!

J. P. , Exec­u­tive Assis­tant, Los Ange­les, CA

Here’s What You Will Learn in the “LIVE” Cin­derel­la Sys­tem EXPERIENCE  5 DVD Ses­sions


In this First ses­sion we will begin to get to know eachother, but more impor­tant you will begin to look at your own thoughts, feel­ings and learned atti­tudes about being in a rela­tion­ship. You will explore the rea­sons why or why you are not in a rela­tion­ship and how your ear­ly role mod­els affect­ed your rela­tion­ship his­to­ry and the expe­ri­ences you live-out today. You will gain valu­able knowl­edge about your­self to con­tin­ue towards your ulti­mate goals.

STEP#2 — SELF-DISCOVERY Here we will look and dig a lit­tle deep­er to uncov­er how you hon­est­ly feel about your­self from the inside-out. We will look at chang­ing some of your per­son­al char­ac­ter­is­tics to have you exud­ing more self-con­fi­dence and the ener­gy that men are attract­ed to. We will dis­cuss what your spe­cial attrac­tion is, and how you can change neg­a­tive fac­tors into your spe­cial unique attrac­tor fac­tors to get you instant results.


Dur­ing this ses­sion we will con­tin­ue dig­ging and uncov­er­ing what are your fears, irra­tional beliefs, atti­tudes, past expe­ri­ences and bag­gage that are neg­a­tive­ly block­ing you from hav­ing what you real­ly want right now (Why do you pick the “same Wrong” guy?) You will learn the impor­tance of self-love and self trust as essen­tial tools to you hav­ing an emo­tion­al­ly safe rela­tion­ship. One bonus to this pro­gram is that you will inti­mate­ly study and prac­tice Dr. Cindy’s Emo­tion­al Man­age­ment Tech­nique™ (E.M.T). This tool will have you con­fi­dent­ly attract­ing the right man and allow­ing you a more suc­cess­ful rela­tion­ship in the future.


Here in this ses­sion we will be look­ing at how the way you feel about your­self; treat your­self, speak to your­self and see your­self affects your ener­gy and the attrac­tor fac­tors men pick up on. You will learn about your per­son­al assets and lia­bil­i­ties and how to change or add to them if you want bet­ter results than what you are cur­rent­ly get­ting. Ulti­mate­ly this ses­sion you will work on and improve your self-esteem so that you are a man mag­net!


This Step is one of the most impor­tant parts in this program…getting clear about what you want in a man and a rela­tion­ship, once you have done the emo­tion­al heal­ing and cleared out the ear­ly bag­gage. Now you are ready to exam­ine your wants, needs, desires while look­ing into your past for ref­er­ence and guid­ance. Once you deter­mine what you need and the qual­i­ties you desire, you have the begin­ning prepa­ra­tion to ulti­mate­ly attract and man­i­fest the man and rela­tion­ship you desire.


After 5 steps of explo­ration, uncov­er­ing and prepa­ra­tion, we are now ready to look at man­i­fest­ing. You will learn about the Law of Attrac­tion and how to clean up your beliefs, atti­tude, mind­set and emo­tion­al ener­gy in order to attract what you real­ly want and dream of. We will also spend some time on the art of receiv­ing and look at how many of us are uncon­scious­ly sab­o­tag­ing peo­ple giv­ing atten­tion and love to us. Pre­pare to learn to man­i­fest what you desire!


In this ses­sion we will work on our final step of the Cin­derel­la Sys­tem. You have jour­neyed far; much work you have accom­plished, many tools you have learned and mas­tered, and now is the time for plan­ning, prac­tice and get­ting clos­er to your dreams come true. We will look at where you can prac­tice to get the best results. We will dis­cuss set­tling vs. going for your wish list. And last but cer­tain­ly not least, you will cre­ate a mas­ter plan and blue­print so you can con­tin­ue to imple­ment all that you have learned and get you clos­er to your very own fairy tale! Now it’s time to get out there and prac­tice and attract what you are and love!



• 5 Ses­sions, approx­i­mate­ly 6.5 hours of the “LIVE” Cin­derel­la Sys­tem EXPERIENCE, the 7 Steps, Down­load­able files or DVDs


• Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Tool­Box

•  Rela­tion­ship Secrets Tem­plates

And Many More Sur­prise Add-ons!

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