What A Blessed Day! Personal Growth is a Choice…

By · Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Cindy Brown headshotsmToday has been an amazing day! So much learning, so much growing, so much giving and receiving. God/Universe really has the perfect plan and design for human/spiritual evolution if you can know, see and play.

I am delighted to be learning so many new things that are going to really propel me in my business. I am eager to get started and really utilize all the information I am learning for the better of my business and to make it easier for me to share my gifts with more of the world.

Today I received a new client who needs a lot of help, God/Universe must have so much faith in me and my gifts to have sent me this person. I am honored to help cleanse this being and save her and rebirth her to her spiritual core.

It seems I always get sent certain kinds of people when I myself have just done my own work and pass through various phases in my own personal growth and development. We can only take people as far as we have journeyed ourselves. As Therapists, Coaches and healers we must constantly be shedding and processing and growing in order to continue to help more and more people who need deeper and deeper work.

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