What A Blessed Day! Personal Growth is a Choice…

By · Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Cindy Brown headshotsmToday has been an amaz­ing day! So much learn­ing, so much grow­ing, so much giv­ing and receiv­ing. God/Universe real­ly has the per­fect plan and design for human/spiritual evo­lu­tion if you can know, see and play.

I am delight­ed to be learn­ing so many new things that are going to real­ly pro­pel me in my busi­ness. I am eager to get start­ed and real­ly uti­lize all the infor­ma­tion I am learn­ing for the bet­ter of my busi­ness and to make it eas­i­er for me to share my gifts with more of the world.

Today I received a new client who needs a lot of help, God/Universe must have so much faith in me and my gifts to have sent me this per­son. I am hon­ored to help cleanse this being and save her and rebirth her to her spir­i­tu­al core.

It seems I always get sent cer­tain kinds of peo­ple when I myself have just done my own work and pass through var­i­ous phas­es in my own per­son­al growth and devel­op­ment. We can only take peo­ple as far as we have jour­neyed our­selves. As Ther­a­pists, Coach­es and heal­ers we must con­stant­ly be shed­ding and pro­cess­ing and grow­ing in order to con­tin­ue to help more and more peo­ple who need deep­er and deep­er work.

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