5 Steps To Success:Making Things Happen in Your Life

By · Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I have found there are 5 steps to mak­ing things hap­pen in my life.  First you have to think of what I want and then I need to have a vision of it- I have to be able to visu­al­ly see it, taste it , then I must be able to feel what it’s like to be there or have what I am vision­ing, Fourth I must expect that I will cre­ate and man­i­fest what I am think­ing vision­ing and feel­ing I want. The final step is tak­ing action towards what I want. When I do all these steps amaz­ing things hap­pen. I cre­ate what I want! Try it you will like it!


2. Vision­ing

3. Feel­ing

4. Expectan­cy

5. Take action

I Took Action

Let Me Know When You Try These 5 Steps and How Suc­cess­ful You Are!

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Change your Life!

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