Secrets To Accomplishing A BIG Goal

By · Monday, January 3rd, 2011

“Secrets To Accomplishing A BIG Goal This Year, FNALLY!”

By Dr. Cindy Brown

Many of you have goals you want to accomplish each New Year, but for some reason you don’t accomplish them. WHY?

Some of the reasons seem to be:

√You Don’t write your goal down because you are afraid to fail, be judged by yourself or others for not completing it.

√You Don’t write the goal down in a plan you can follow, so you have no plan to follow, so you may fail to complete it.

√You don’t think about the tasks needed to complete the goal, so there’s no plan, so you don’t move forward and complete it.

√You don’t tell anyone, so there’s no accountability, nor any motivation from others to move towards completion of your goal, You can hide, then you fail yourself and your goal!

√You have a strong, vocal and active sabotager part of yourself that allows you make excuses to stop moving towards your goal, distracts you from wanting to do what you need to do to accomplish your goal, justifies your actions or inaction, gives you a way out!

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

I know I have participated in all of them, so you are not alone! Nor should you feel like you are a complete failure and you will never be successful at accomplishing what you want. Instead, like any person learning a new skill, we need to learn good habits and ways of moving forward in order to master the art of goal accomplishment.

These are some of the secrets I have learned on my journey to accomplishing my goals and even failing at some of my goals:

I need to let other people know what I am doing so I am accountable and motivated by this “being seen” to keep moving forward and complete what I started. I can’t hide! Nor can I not complete what I started due to this accountibility.

-I need to have a plan, with tasks that fit well in my schedule, My tasks need to be easy to do in the timeframe I plan for, it needs to be convenient for me.

I need to like (a little bit) what I am doing. Doesn’t mean I always want to do the task when I first start out doing it, I just have to be able to remember how good it makes me feel afterwards and enjoy doing it a little bit.

There has to be a reward for me doing the task along the way to the completion of the goal. For example: I get an Endorphin rush during and after my Insanity workouts, however I don’t always FEEEEL like starting my workout, I have to remember how I LOVE that rush, this reward motivates me to start the task, even when I don’t FEEEEEEL LIKE It! And then helps me to finish it as well. The weight loss I have experienced each week helps too! J

There’s a great saying-“Successful People do what unsuccessful people won’t do, Even when they don’t FEEEEEELl like it!”

These are just some of the secrets I have found have helped me complete my goals. Try some of them and maybe you will be more successful FINALLY THIS YEAR!

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