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5 Steps To Suc­cess: This Is What I Do To Cre­ate Pos­i­tive Things Hap­pen­ing In My Life
By Dr. Cindy Brown

In my many years alive and in busi­ness, I have used many meth­ods, tools and sys­tems in order to accom­plish my goals, car­ry out my plans each year AND Be Suc­cess­ful at the Process AND the Results!

I have found there are 5 VERY IMPORTANT STEPS I Must Con­sis­tent­ly Take in order to make things hap­pen in my life. I have used all of these with much suc­cess! And so can You!

This is what I do…

First I have to think of what I want and sec­ond I need to get a vision of it; I have to be able to visu­al­ly see it, taste it, smell it, hear it. Third, I must be able to feel what it’s like to be there or have what I am vision­ing. Fourth, I must expect that I will cre­ate and man­i­fest what I am think­ing of, vision­ing on and feel­ing that I want. The final and fifth step is tak­ing action towards what I want. When I do all these steps con­sis­tent­ly, day-after-day, amaz­ing things hap­pen! I cre­ate what I want!

Try it, you will like it! This is what I do. You can do it too…

STEP 1 Think­ing: If you can think of an idea, then there must be a way to cre­ate that idea in some form. You must allow your­self reg­u­lar­ly to think, plan and write down ALL your ideas, dreams and plans. Keep a sep­a­rate note­book or log of all your ideas, dreams and thought out plans.

Vision it outSTEP 2 Vision­ing: Just like step 1, You must con­sis­tent­ly make time to vision, med­i­tate and see your ideas in all their spe­cif­ic detailed com­plet­ed form. What do they look like? What are the col­ors, shapes, smells, tex­tures etc.? Spend time on a reg­u­lar basis to do this vision­ing and/or med­i­ta­tion to keep allow­ing your­self to expe­ri­ence your vision in its com­plete form.

STEP 3 Feel­ing: As You Are Think­ing and Vision­ing, you must also be able to feel what it will be like to have that which you want and be able to imag­ine you are hav­ing it Right Now with all the feel­ings that go with that goal being accom­plished and lived RIGHT NOW! Prac­tice this exer­cise as much as you can each day to be in these pos­i­tive feel­ings 24/7.

Cindy's CarSTEP 4 Expectan­cy: Along with the Step 3 exer­cise, now add the feel­ing of Expectan­cy- the Know­ing, the Excite­ment, the Antic­i­pa­tion of get­ting or hav­ing that idea/goal accom­plished and prac­tice these feel­ings as much as you can. I did this when I was buy­ing my lat­est car, and then I kept see­ing my car every­where! Then I was buy­ing it and then dri­ving it off the lot. Now when I dri­ve my love­ly car with the top down, I remem­ber the feel­ing I was imag­in­ing and it’s exact­ly how I feel now- grate­ful and joy­ous (espe­cial­ly when the weath­er is gor­geous like it’s been late­ly in So. Cal.).

STEP 5 Take Action: You must con­tin­ue to move for­ward in doing all the above 4 steps PLUS NOW you must take action- make a phone call, show up at an event, keep call­ing Take Actionsome­one, keep­ing email­ing some­one, send out let­ters, keep call­ing, keep show­ing up and KEEP DOING ALL THESE STEPS UNTIL YOU CREATE WHAT YOU WANT! Remem­ber, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! Suc­cess­ful peo­ple do What Unsuc­cess­ful Peo­ple Won’t do and don’t want to do. Also Suc­cess­ful peo­ple some­times do what they don’t want to do, in order to take action towards what they want and get what they want!

Are You Doing All these Steps To Get What You Want?Or Are You Just dream­ing, think­ing and sit­ting back, hop­ing some­thing will hap­pen! Study suc­cess­ful peo­ple, they do all these things! You must do all of these steps EXCELLENTLY! Not Sat­is­fac­to­ri­ly, Con­sis­tent­ly EXCELLENTLY!

It’s Your Turn Now! Just Do It!

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© 2009 Dr. Cindy Brown

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