Personal Growth

BIG Goal">Secrets To Accomplishing A BIG Goal

Secrets To Accom­plish­ing A BIG Goal This Year, FNALLY!” By Dr. Cindy Brown Many of you have goals you want to accom­plish each New Year, but for some rea­son you don’t accom­plish them. WHY? Some of the rea­sons seem to be: √You Don’t write your goal down because you are afraid to fail, be judged […]

5 Steps To Success:Making Things Happen in Your Life

I have found there are 5 steps to mak­ing things hap­pen in my life.  First you have to think of what I want and then I need to have a vision of it- I have to be able to visu­al­ly see it, taste it , then I must be able to feel what it’s like […]

What A Blessed Day! Personal Growth is a Choice…

Today has been an amaz­ing day! So much learn­ing, so much grow­ing, so much giv­ing and receiv­ing. God/Universe real­ly has the per­fect plan and design for human/spiritual evo­lu­tion if you can know, see and play. I am delight­ed to be learn­ing so many new things that are going to real­ly pro­pel me in my busi­ness. […]