Best blk sm-617Dr. Cindy Brown, is an internationally recognized behavior specialist, coach, psychotherapist to the stars, speaker and “bestselling” author of two audio programs: Relationship Secrets and Are You Stressed. She is also contributing author of Power & Soul and publisher of her own monthly newsletter, Relationship Intelligence. Her latest book is the AWARD WINNING- CINDERLLA SYSTEM: 7 Steps To Attracting the Man And Relationship Of Your Dreams.

Dr. Brown is best known for her direct style and her amazing ability to help people like YOU discover what’s getting in the way of YOU living your very own fairy tale! She provides a safe place for you to uncover and to discover yourself and your dreams, purpose and desires. Dr. Brown believes you must uncover your true self in order to move successfully towards your purpose and ultimately fulfill your dreams, goals and desires.

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Dr. Brown has completed widespread relationship research and has extensive experience as a behavior specialist and clinician. For the past 19 years, she has worked in a variety of mental health settings; from social service agencies, to hospitals, as well as performing behavioral assessment in business and seing individuals and couples in her private practice located in Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Brown is founder and President of Behavior Relationship Institute Inc. and parent company- Dr. Cindy Brown international; businesses dedicated to solving business and personal relationships from the inside-out.

Dr. Brown has coached 1000s of individuals, couples and business professionals, helping them through many personal and professional issues; from conflicts in the office with superiors and co- workers; to communication isssues, to break-ups and divorce, to stress related issues such as body aches, disorders, addictions, depression and anxiety.

Dr. Brown has worked in many small and large companies before becoming a behavior specialist, business coach and Psychotherapist so she has had first-hand experience working with different kinds of people, personalities and business cultures and structures. Her personal experience in her educating family system- as a child and currently, has also given her lots of training, insight and great personal material in which to learn, grow and teach from. She is passionate about sharing her wisdom with you in hopes of helping you learn and grow to be your very best as well.