Life, Behavior and Relationship Coaching:
Using proven behavioral methods, extensive clinical experience and knowledge, Dr. Brown works with YOU (individuals and couples) privately at her beautiful, comfortable and convenient offices in Culver City, CA. or via phone or Skype. You  work deeply and intensely to uncover the individual behavioral patterns and issues that keep YOU stuck in your current life or relationship situations. She then teaches you specific and unique tools and guides you through exercises that heal and transform your life and relationship from one of “stuckness”, unhappiness and possible dys-function, to one of “Healthy, Happy-Function!” Giving you the gift of self understanding, personal awareness, and new knowledge of the Essential Behavior needed for your success now!

Dr. Brown offers these coaching sessions to individuals and couples working on specific life Goals and issues and/or those looking to improve or save their relationship. This type of Coaching is intense, unique and extraordinarily effective!

Dr. Brown’s style is personal and effective; she gets to the issues rapidly; TEACHING YOU THE SKILLS YOU NEED and then offers you time for process and practice. She provides weekly homework assignments to accelerate your personal and relationship growth, and maximize your goal achievement. Dr Brown is dedicated to get you the results you want with less time, more sensitivity and care, improved self-knowledge and sustained growth and health. 

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