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How to Handle STRESS in the Face of Disasters?

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

How to Handle STRESS in the Face of Disasters?
What to do to help Yourself and Help Others.                              

By Dr. Cindy Brown

 By now you have watched the news and have seen the wide spread affects of Hurricane Sandy. You are either witnessing it from afar, or you may have been really close and directly affected by it.  Collectively as a nation we are all energetically and psychologically affected when our fellow Americans and neighbors are hurt or killed, and when their homes and communities are destroyed and/or damaged.

Are You Feeling Stressed as others are facing hardship and challenges due to these disasters and the aftermath? Or are you stressed due to being directly affected by this tremendous natural disaster?

Either way, Stress can have detrimental affects on your health, relationships, family and your life!

It’s natural for humans to react to events they feel they can’t control with feeling stressed and irritable.

 It’s natural and normal to have some survivor guilt and/or anxiety as you see and hear about others being affected by so much; A feeling of sadness, helplessness and an urge to want to give and donate to those suffering and in need. We all would want others to want to help us if we were in need….correct?

SO What can you do to manage your own stress and feeling of helplessness or apathy? (more…)