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Singles & Couples Are You Ready For V-Day?

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Singles & Couples Are You Ready For V-Day?”

By Dr. Cindy Brown, “The Relationship Dr.”

February is a winter month where a chill is in the air in many places across the U.S.…however the real chill is -the anticipation (for some people) of a day called Valentine’s Day.

YES Many don’t like this day, especially some singles and even some men!

BUT! There’s also much anticipation from those of us who are in a relationship, that good things are coming soon from our lovers, partners, boyfriends or husbands. Right?

At least you have faith it will turn out how you hoped for!

For those of you single or coupled who have fears, doubts or even dread it…I can help you navigate this time better than before with these tips!

As a behavior specialist and relationship coach for many years, I have heard the issues and problems that seem to arise before, during and after this day from singles and from couples alike. Let’s look at this mixed bag of expectations, feelings, thoughts and problems to help you negotiate and take care of yourself better this February 14th.

For those of you who are single, February can seem daunting and a yearly reminder that you are not coupled; possibly you judge yourself, beat up on yourself. You may even compare yourself to others or even act like the day doesn’t (more…)

Make This Valentine’s Day The Best Ever!

Monday, January 28th, 2013


by Dr. Cindy Brown, “The Relationship Doctor.”

Are you one of those people who dread VD or Valentines Day? Are you afraid it will not turn out exactly the way you want it to? Well I would like to help you change this attitude this Valentine’s Day with a few simple strategies I teach my clients all the time.

Whether you are in a relationship, or you are single (see #5). It really can be a nice celebration of love and caring for yourself, or each other if you are sensitive to expectations, feelings, fears, wants and needs. Let’s look at the ways you can make it a “win win” for everyone!

1. Start out by initiating a conversation about Valentine’s Day today, this week (with yourself and/or with your partner)! It’s possible he/she hasn’t even focused on it yet, or forgot it is coming soon, or forgot on purpose to avoid uncomfortable feelings that he/she is not even conscious of. Don’t react to this, simply be pleasant and encourage a loving conversation. Explore gently what expectations either of you have about; the day or evening or both; gifts or no gifts; trips or stay at home, etc. and start to understand the tone of what your partner is feeling at this time about the event, so you can know how to proceed next.

2. Once you have explored #1 and you feel he/she is open to your suggestions, give your partner a list (more…)


Monday, November 5th, 2012

By Dr. Cindy Brown,

Our busy lifestyles, schedules and responsibilities seem to take a toll on our ability to take care of ourselves, and to show up our best in our lives and relationships. I have found that the majority of people/couples I coach have one thing in common – they are spending more time on work and responsibilities and less time on self care and nurturing activities…ultimately this practice can have a detrimental affect on your health and how you show up in your relationships.

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET About How To Keep your Passion and Commitment Alive?

 1. In order to take care of yourself better, you will first need to spend some time figuring out what you like that helps you replenish yourself with feel good hormones (Oxytocin for females and Testosterone for males) and release the stress hormone Cortisol. Men and women often need to do different things to bring them back in balance each day. If you don’t do something each day, you are risking having STRESS affect you in these ways; weaken immune system, easy to get colds and flu, mood fluctuations, depression and anxiety, irritability, impatience, loss of desire and libido, weight gain.

2. Now write down the list of activities that renew you and make you happy and rejuvenated on a piece (more…)

“Are You Making a Big Mistake? Relationship Tricks or Treats?”

Friday, October 19th, 2012

“Are You Making a Big Mistake? Relationship Tricks or Treats?”

by Dr. Cindy Brown

I know there is a lot of relationship advice out there: some people listen to Dr. Phil and Oprah on T.V.; we read books like- Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus and Why Men like Bitches; we listen on the radio to Dr. Laura. So why should you listen to me? Because I am a Behavior & Relationship Specialist and have 20+ years of experience working with happy and unhappy couples and individuals, business people and employees and I know what is not working and what IS WORKING when it comes to relationships.

Here are some of the most common mistakes I have seen my clients and friends make in their personal and professional relationships:

1. Getting Upset: This occurs when you think (expect) the person you are in relationship (or communication with) knows what you want and need. How many times have you been upset when your partner, colleague or employee you relate with has not acted the way you wanted him/her to?  I teach people how to avoid this kind of upset and communicate and relate more effectively so you feel happier and more successful inside and outside of the office and within personal partnerships. Assumptions, making up stories in your head about what you think happen, what you think should happen are not always accurate. If you then  react to this assumption you have made a 2nd mistake.

2. Creating Stories: Do you ever remember a time when you witnessed an event with a group of people and noticed that each person recalled that event differently? (more…)