Dr. Cindy Brown’s Recommended Resources to support you and your relationship

I. For Relationship Tips & Blog posts on Improving Yourself & Your Relationships:
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II. For Videos: Lots of videos available for you to watch instantly . Many topics perfect to help you with the solutions to your relationship challenges and issues.

III. Recommended Book List: Here is a list of books I recommend to help you in your life & Relationships.

IV. Products to Improve Your Relationships:

“Real Intimacy Now: The New Game & Rules for 21st Century Relationships,”7 Audio Topic Chapters, 70 page Guidebook includes: Audio Transcripts, Topic Quick Tip sheets, Bonuses- Communication scripts, Stress Tips, Stress test , Stress-buster form, Intimacy scripts and more! *And for a limited time you will receive a VIP Relationship Assessment and Strategy Session by phone

This product is a MUST HAVE for couples like you, who need some additional skills to improve your communication, connection and intimacy quickly and easily with this Instant Access, Downloadable Product. You will be learning new skills in seconds after purchasing this product.

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– “The CINDERELLA SYSTEM; 7 steps to Attracting the Relationship of your Dreams” (BOOK)
-170 pages, 19 Chapter book with each chapter including Personal Growth and Writing Exercises to Support your Journey

When you read this book, you will under­stand your­self bet­ter and have a clearer idea what you want and can attract with your new personal discovery and mind-set. You will learn the 7 steps to discovering who you are and what you really want. When you complete this book and the practice-in-action exercises in each chapter, you will then be able to have the life and relationship of your dreams.

You Really Can Live Your Very Own FAIRY TALE!

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