Rave Reviews

Dr. Brown you always help me make sense of the chaos I am feeling in my relationship and life. I come into your office each week and you help me sort it all out and help me to be more calm in my decisions and communication. Thank you so much for your love, patience and expertise with me and with my husband too!

-P.E.               Los Angeles, CA Client

We have gained so much knowledge and skill individually and as a couple working with you Dr. Brown. Even though we may be miles away now, you help us work through our challenges to be better partners, parents and people. A million thanks!

-A & B           Brazil Couple

Thank you Dr. Brown! You really have helped me and my husband to communicate better; the skills you made us practice in session have been also practiced in our home with success! We appreciate your wisdom and knowledge and how you gently help us see what we each need to do differently in order to make our relationship better. We can honestly tell you we have learned more from you in one session, then from other coaches we tried to use. We really can see the difference and now are more hopeful for our happy future. Thank you so so much for all you are and do! Hugs

-G & G          Culver City, CA Couple