How To Complete Stuff You Have Put Off Doing

Do you have a list either in your head or on endless pieces of paper that is ongoing, of stuff you have wanted to do, but keep putting off doing?

Well you are not alone!

We all have stuff we “seem” to want to do, but we continually find this thing we need to do or complete on our lists and not completed (including myself and my many coaching and therapy clients.)

Why is this you say? This is the million dollar question!

Well here is the million dollar explanation and 4 tips to complete all those tasks and/or goals that you don’t seem to be able to check off on your “to do” lists.

One reason is that we may only complete tasks we want to, or need to, that have a pleasurable payoff; meaning- we move towards pleasure and avoid pain or discomfort. You will complete tasks that are more fun or comfortable before others that are not. Examples: You may only pay your bills to avoid paying a late charge, you may only do your laundry when you have no underwear or socks left, you may only cold call some potential new clients when you are running out of money or your client base is shrinking, you may only lose weight if you need to go to a reunion, wedding or if your doctor has told you you may be risking your health or even death eventually! When the payoff is high and the comfort or fun level is higher we seem to complete tasks more easily!

So then we must make the tasks we have procrastinated on but want to or need to complete more fun, more pleasurable with a bigger payoff to us!

My Tips for completing tasks: (1.) Do less fun tasks before you do more pleasurable tasks: Make your cold calls, pay your bills, make important phone calls, before you visit FaceBook or post to your blog or watch your favorite T.V. show.
(2.) Give yourself a reward after you complete a task that you have been procrastinating on to motivate you to complete it; after you sort through your accounting papers and receipts to send to your accountant, buy yourself a small gift, treat yourself to Pinkberry yogurt….yum! Or go out for a workout or walk, (now if any of these rewards I’ve mentioned here are your addiction- food, shopping, etc., then I wouldn’t want you to use that as your reward, pick a healthy reward for you, that motivates you, but isn’t your addiction!)
(3.) Force yourself to do one thing you don’t want to (but need to), or feel uncomfortable doing each day as a habit. Creating daily habits makes it easier to do things each day, example- brushing your teeth, exercising, cleaning up your desk around the house each day. You don’t think about the task, you just do it because it’s a habit! Your negative or “talking you out of thoughts” don’t persuade you not to do it. 
(4.)**Most Important- Praise yourself, use self-talk to give yourself a pat on the back after you have completed your task successfully. Yes we ALL need this step! YES! All of us! This step is challenging for some people who have not learned to accept positive feedback from anybody, including themselves (maybe you think it is dumb, I shouldn’t need it, you learned that this would mean you are conceded or any other false or learned belief.) If you are one of these people you need to call me for a coaching session. Research has shown that successful people (athletes, business people, students, entrepreneurs, etc.,) praise themselves and use positive self-talk as a vehicle for self-empowerment and goal achievement.

So these are just a few of the most important tips I can share with you to help you accomplish your tasks you have put off doing for so long. I know you will find them helpful and useful if you use them. If you need additional assistance in this area, please contact me for a session. Also leave a comment below with your success tips and stories. I’d love to hear from you!

To Your Success with Love! <3
© 2011-2014 Dr. Cindy Brown
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