Reduce Your Stress Instantly with These Quick Tools!!

Are you one of those people who are constantly stressed?

Do you let the situations around you take hold of you and stop you from being happy or having a peaceful fulfilling life? Do you react negatively at home, work or with your friends and family?

Well many people are just like you!

These days I see so many folks are caught up in a vicious cycle of reacting to the many things and responsibilities they have on their plate, as well as fear and uncertainty, rather than focussing on solutions and acting on them to change their situation and improve their lives quickly.

Here’s a few quick tips to get you started on changing this cycle:

1.) When you first sense stress, imbalance, STOP and ask yourself 2 questions, and listen to the answers your inner voice and knowledge gives you- “What is going on with me right now? And What am I feeling?

2.) Acknowledge what you have heard (don’t judge or put yourself down, as this stops the process and causes more stress.) Instead thank that part of you that shared this wisdom with you and offer some love and support to yourself by asking yourself 1 more question- “What do you need from me in order to feel differently, better, happier, less scared etc?” Then listen to what you need to do, say or be for that emotional part of you that is feeling stressed or off balance.

3.) Now follow through ASAP and do, be or say what it is you need to in order to help yourself get back to balance and happiness.

4.) Bonus: Now Ask out loud this question to the Universe(or God) “Universe or God, what would it take for_________________to happen and for me to be __________?” Now listen and be available to see what shows up in your life to fulfill what you are asking and desiring. It’s not your job to figure this out, or how it will happen, only to ask and let the universe or God Show you. Remember the saying you learned- “Ask and you shall receive.”

Tuning into what you need, asking yourself questions, listening to your inner voice and wisdom and acting on that wisdom, and asking the universe or God for what you desire is the quickest way to restoring happiness and having a fulfilled blessed life.

You have the power to change any situation and your life right now! So stop living in Insanity and doing the same things and expecting different results! If you have challenges and need a Coach or therapist to guide you through this process, please feel free to call me 310-202-1610 0r contact me through my contact page email form. I am here to assist you in having a great life now!

Life is here to be Lived, Suffering is optional!

©2012-2014 Dr. Cindy Brown

If you want to reprint this article you can as long as you use this: Dr. Cindy Brown is a international Behavior Specialist, Coach, Author and Speaker who helps people become more aware of their Conscious and Unconscious thoughts, emotions and behaviors in order for there to be powerful and lasting change in their lives. Awareness is always the first step to Change and Success. Dr. Brown is available for private coaching and speaking engagements and has many FREE resources available on her websites and

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