Manage Stress So it Doesn’t Manage You

“Manage Stress So It Doesn’t Manage You.

 By Dr. Cindy Brown 

Stress is damaging to us all physically and psychologically; it affects our relationships, productivity and creativity. It causes physical symptoms such as headaches and most of all it lowers our immune system; which makes us most susceptible to the flus and viruses so prevalent this time of year.

 So how do we avoid it, especially this time of year?  Id like to focus on how to manage your stress by redirecting your energy to other productive activities that can make you happier and moving forward towards a prosperous NEW YEAR.

 1. Create a Visual Road Map of your life/family/career for YOUR NEW YEAR: We have less anxiety when we know where we are going and can see the path to walk on. To reduce your stress this time of year sit down and draw out a map of what your life or business looks like before now, then create a separate one with what you would like your life to look like in your future year. I have my clients create this Candyland map (like the old game board we had as kids) as a homework assignment. They can be creative with markers and pictures cut-out of magazines, or do it graphically on the computer. Then I have them post it in a prominent place so they can focus positive energy on it everyday, especially if they are stressed or feeling lost. What you focus on everyday manifests!

 2. Write down your personal and professional goals and deadlines: I read about a Harvard University research study that tracked college graduates. This study looked at those graduates who wrote their goals down upon leaving college and those that didnt. The study found that the graduates that wrote down their goals- achieved them more often and were financially more successful than those who didnt.

 I recommend my clients write a list of everything they want to accomplish for the new year. I assist and coach my clients to discover and write down 3 major goals in each of these 8 categories: Personal/psychological, physical/health, Business/career, financial, Social/friends, spiritual, family, community/charity along with due dates. Then I have them write on a separate paper- a statement about each of these goals as if it has already happened; for example: It is July 30th, 2017 and I have been working out for 4 weeks, 4 times a week and I am so happy I have lost 5 pds. And I feel and look great! I recommend you read Continue reading Manage Stress So it Doesn’t Manage You