Rave Reviews

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“I felt Like I’d just had a massage or been to a spa when we were finished that night. You know that feeling of ‘Ahhhh’ and calm and peacefulness!” –B. C.

“I was afraid to sign-up and attend. I didn’t know who would be there, what we’d do, or if I was going to relate or feel comfortable! I was amazed how quickly we found we had similar stories and even challenges in common. I was happy to feel so comfortable and inspired doing what we did in such a short time. I wanted it to keep going on all night!” –L. H.

“Dr. Brown really knew how to help me understand how my past was getting in the way of what I wanted for my future. I was able to let go and heal some stuff that I had carried around with me for years. I am so Thankful for Dr. Brown’s skill and compassion!”
–B.R. Los Angeles, CA

Cs small grp2“I am so touched and overwhelmed with emotion to thank you soooo much!  You are a gift, not just to me, but to so many people and you are also an example to me of what is possible when you tap into greatness. I am so pleased I have grown so much working with you, and that is mostly due to you and your belief in my light. I THANK GOD FOR YOU!” –D.M. West Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for everything that you’ve helped me with, as this has really benefited me and
CS groupmy family greatly! You have helped all of us transform our lives for the better. My kids are happier because I have the tools to communicate in a healthier manner. I am more at peace because I have learned what I need to do for myself to reduce my stress & be more fulfilled daily. Thank you again for your continual love and support!” –C.M. Culver City, CA

“Cindy has been an inspiration to me for almost 15 years. She is always coming up with creative new ways to help me tap into my best self!” –J. H.  Los Angeles, CA