-You will enter a space where you can completely be you, just for you!

-You will replenish, refresh and renew yourself through sharing, listening and smiling.

-You will get to know a great group of supportive women through interesting conversations and discussions of mutual interest.

– You will learn important ways to rejuvenate and restore your energy so you can be happier each day

-We will practice sharing our passions and making connections to support our dreams, goals, business and purpose in life.

-We will speak our truth and dream BIG while we create our amazing vision boards

-We will enjoy Drinking refreshing beverages, wine and eating healthy treats


-Enjoy an intimate cozy atmosphere for creating quality, real life friendships (not social media friends)

-Have been wanting to get the chance to create a vision board and learn how its power can impact your life and future

-LIKE Receiving a Goodie bag to support your future growth

-Enjoy Contributing to local Charities. A portion of your registration price goes to Local Charities in our community


DR. CINDY BROWNProPhotoBlk2is passionate about creating a space where women can be themselves, make friends, explore and heal challenges from the past, and passionately dream and create visions for their future.

Dr. Brown has helped 1000s of women, men, children and families navigate and prosper in our often challenging world. She uses her innate sense of understanding and intuition to assess and assist in peoples lives. She shares with her clients her years of wisdom and experience and the practical tools and strategies to help them be more successful in everything they do.

Dr. Brown holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters Degree in
 Counseling Psychology. She has been Licensed in the State of California as a
Marriage & Family Psychotherapist (MFT) since 1994 and is a 20+ year member of
 The California Association of Marriage Family Therapist’s.

Dr. Brown has had a successful private practice in Los Angeles for the past 22 years and continues today to be a very popular
 behavior and relationship specialist, seeing clients in her private offices, as well as talking to clients by 
phone and on the web from all over the United States and abroad.

Dr. Brown is the best selling Author of the award winning book-“The Cinderella System,” contributing author of Power & Soul and creator of two best-selling audio and workbooks. A combination of charisma and expertise has made Dr. Cindy Brown a sought-after guest on many radio and television programs speaking on such issues as stress, behavior-modification, discipline, addictions, depression & anxiety. communication, relationships and intimacy issues.

When she is not seeing clients or speaking at organizations, Dr. Brown enjoys such outdoor activities such as rollerblading, hiking, weight training and running on the beach in Los Angeles to keep in tip-top shape. Dr. Brown is dedicated to serving her community and frequently participates in supporting local charities and organizations in need.