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Dr. Cindy BrownDr. Cindy Brown is Available For Keynotes, Trainings & Breakout Sessions

*To Book Dr. Brown for a Radio or Television Interview or Speaking Engagement

Please Call 310-202-1610 Ext. 3 Or Fill out contact form on this website

Her Most Popular Topics Are*:

-How To Work Through Change, Transitions and Uncertainty with Less Stress

-Communication Strategies for Success During Stressful times

-BIG Productivity, Motivation and Creativity Secrets

-Learn to Work Effectively with All People (Yes, even difficult ones)

-The Golden Keys to Goal Accomplishment

*See her Topics Tab on this website for more details

Listen to Some of Dr. Browns Interviews:

Radio Interview Clips: (“Live” Links Coming Soon, some still not live)

Heather Picken from www.WealthMastery.com interviews Dr. Cindy Brown

Wayne Kelly Interviews Dr. Brown About her Cinderella System Book

Kat & JJ Interview Dr. Brown about Her new book The Cinderella System

Wayne & Jane Radio Interviews about Why Men & Women Cheat?

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Do You Have A relationship with Yourself, Sherese johnson Interviews Dr. Brown

Love Makeover Call, Eris Humer Interviews Dr. Brown

Rod Williams of KWNA, Interviews Dr. Brown

Manage Stress So It Doesn’t Manage You!  Ali Brown Interviews Dr. Brown