“How to Be a Better You; 5 steps to that result.”

Want to Be a Better You?
By, Dr. Cindy Brown

Do you feel or think your life controls you? Are you feeling dragged down, angry, exhausted, cheated, defeated and unhappy you don’t seem to know how to make it better? Would you like to know how to change some things so you can feel better about yourself? Would you like to “be” that “Happy” people say you “should be!” ? YES? Well today is your lucky day! How does it get any better than this! Ask – “What would it take for me to do these steps below?” Then start right now to do the steps below. Your one step closer….

1. STOP and take a closer look at what is REALLY going on. Make a choice to STOP the cycle and take some down time to survey how your basic needs are being handled; are you getting enough sleep, are you eating frequent nutritionally balanced meals, drinking enough water, getting enough exercise AND personal down time and space to think clearly and be able to do the next few steps in the process. If you never stop you can’t change a pattern and begin a healthier one. If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result…. Isn’t that INSANITY?

Lack of sleep affects your mood and metabolism, chemicals caused by inadequate sleep affect Serotonin (the feel good hormone) can cause depression, also affect Cortisol (the stress hormone) and affect fat storage. When you are depressed and gaining weight, you are not feeling or being your best! Inadequate nutrition affects; mood instability, weight gain, metabolism fluctuations and impulsive behaviors. Eating 5-6 smaller nutritious meals balanced with the right amount of Protein, Carbs and Fat helps in better mood, stabilizes blood sugar over 3 hrs without dips, adds in metabolism, less storage of fat, less impulsive behavior (Look at “A Week In the Zone” by Barry Sears.) Exercise allows for release of stress, helps with immune system, releases feel good hormones, clearer mind, burns calories, and speeds up metabolism.

2. Ask Questions and Make a Decision. Ask yourself what am I willing to do differently? Make a decision to do 1-2 things differently for a week and see how that makes you feel, get good at that new pattern then add a few more new healthy patterns to build on that one. Ask the Universe /God- “What would it take for ____________________to happen in my life?” Then don’t try to figure out how, just listen and look for the answers to be shown to you.

3. Make a Plan and Just Do it! To create consistent success in you following through with the new patterns you decided on in steps 1 and 2, you must plan your life, rather than winging it. People that wing it, don’t stick to decisions; life pulls and controls them, their intensions get lost and they don’t have control of their own lives. Deciding to take control of your life requires thinking and planning of sleep, rest & relaxation, meals, foods, water breaks, exercise etc. Remember the famous quote- “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!”

4. Take Action. Now that you have stopped, analyzed what your doing and what’s not working, you’ve asked questions, made a decision to take back control and created a plan, NOW YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOURSELF DO IT!  YES you saw that right, you have to make yourself do these things even when “you don’t feel like it!” you have to obnoxiously choose to do the things you know will give you different results, If you cheat yourself, you wont get the results you REALLY want. Now many people come to coach with me and don’t understand how their inner system works, they ask me ”How do I get myself to do things when another part doesn’t want me to? “ I teach my clients a special way to gain awareness and get control of themselves and their lives with my EMT tool. I can’t explain it all here, but if you schedule an awareness session you will understand and get this amazing tool in one session, and it will change your life!

5. Celebrate and Be Grateful! When you make a decision to be a better you, then you ask questions and be available to learning, then you plan and take action, you are going to get different results! Then it’s time for you to be grateful for yourself for trying something different and getting new results, it’s time to celebrate the magnificent gift and contribution you being a healthier you is to the world! Reward yourself with praise, ask for praise from others, thank your support systems- You, the Universe and God for the gift of the healthier you!

If you enjoyed today’s tips and desire more from me to enhance your life, please contact me and I will be happy to contribute to your life even more. And remember,; if you want to- “do, be, or have” what you never “done, been or had before,” you must do what you’ve never done before….contact me so we can uncover the greatness inside you!
© 2012 Dr. Cindy Brown

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