How to Create What You Want in 2012: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!

How to Create What You Want in 2012: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!

By Dr. Cindy Brown

Why would you set off on a Journey without a map, plan, and vision of where you want to end up?

Adventure you say?…Well that’s like closing your eyes and just hoping you will hit the bull’s-eye in darts, when you Really, Really WANT to hit the center. Adventure may be fun when you have nothing to lose, you have all the money you desire AND all the time to waste.

However, if you have important desires and goals you want to accomplish NOW, I know you know you will need a roadmap and your energy put towards your ultimate goal of getting what you desire.

Research shows repeatedly that people who spend time to map out their goals and visions and spend the time to do the things to make them happen, get to their planned destination, accomplish their goals and have what they desire in their lives faster and easier.

Here are some helpful ways of creating that trail map to get you moving towards your vision and creating what you desire.

I. Inventory the previous year 2011 (your last map or plan)

Allow yourself some time to explore these questions; put music on, meditate, pray or think about each one and write down what you find.

• What did you accomplish? What are you proud of?

• What are you thankful for?

• What did you not complete that you wanted to?

• How different do you want this next year 2012 to look like?

II. Vision for Manifestation: Stay in that contemplative, meditative place and imagine yourself in the present year, walking through a forest path and you come across a bridge to a beautiful meadow and garden with a big pond. You bend down to look into this pond and you see your reflection and you begin seeing your present year of 2012 flash in front of you; the things you accomplish, the goals you complete, the relationships you have; all the good and maybe even the challenges…flash forward it is New Years eve 2012-2013. You are looking at your goal sheet and you are reading off all your completed goals to a gathering of your most supportive and loving friends. They are smiling at you and clapping in celebration of your accomplishments. You feel the expanding joy inside you! ☺

III. PLAN NOW! Or Plan to Fail!

•Write down right now what you saw…what was the big picture, what were you doing, what did you accomplish, what were you feeling???

•Now write down 1-3 goals in each of these categories you want to complete: Personal/Psychological, Health/wellness, Job/career, Financial, Spiritual, Social/Relationships, Family, Community/charity. I have a great worksheet for this if you schedule a New Years clarity session with me.

So you have your goals written down in each category…

IV. Write a completion date next to each one to give yourself an end point to work towards. Now rewrite each goal as if it has already happened. For example: if your goal is to have a romantic partner by May 2012. You would rewrite it as- It is May 31s,t 2012 and I am walking hand-in-hand with my partner as we walk along the beach. I am so happy and grateful we have each other. This positive expression of your goals creates a path for the desire and tells the universe it is already done.

V. Now write these statements you have constructed on note cards and read them each day and night. As you read them let yourself feel the feelings and qualities that would accompany having that goal met as if you are having it right then; see it, feel it, taste it, hear it etc.

VI. Now Take action each day towards that goal being fulfilled. Create a task list for each goal and each day choose to do some of these tasks to get you closer to your dreams. As you are completing your tasks, make sure you praise yourself and feel the feelings associated with fully receiving that goal intended…REMEMBER the universe doesn’t know the difference between just your positive thoughts and feelings and reality. According to the “Law of attraction-” like energy attracts like energy. So the more time you stay in the positive feelings and thoughts and actions associated with your goal, the more likely you will create it.

***Bonus: Work through any of your negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs or inhibitors so they don’t interfere with this process. You may have conflict in your life, challenges receiving good, a belief you don’t deserve or that you never could have something, negative people around you, or you exist in negative and not suportive positive surroundings. You may need to clean house, let some old stuff and beliefs go to be able to receive something new in your life. You may need a coach/therapist like me to help you with this.

Remember: In order to be the person you have never been, In order to have the life and relationships you have never had, You must do what you have never done before: Give me a call or contact me so I can assist you in having the best life you’ve ever had!

© 2012 Dr. Cindy Brown

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