How To Start Out The New Year Right, Part 2

“Part 2, Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail! Make 2011 a Fantastic Year for You!”

By Dr. Cindy Brown

Last blog post I gave you Part 1 of this article (scroll down to read part 1.) We looked at these beginning steps to planning and creating the life of your dreams:

I. Inventory the previous year (your previous map or business or life plan or goal sheet)

II. Vision for Manifestation- look and see what you want?

III. PLAN NOW! Or Plan to Fail! Write down your goals

The next 4 steps are essential to this creation and manifestation process. Let’s look at how you can take a goal to completion and have even more happiness and success this year!

So you have your goals written down in each category, RIGHT!!


IV. Write a completion date next to each one of your goals to give yourself an end point to work towards and to hold yourself accountable. Now rewrite each goal as if it has already happened. For example: if my goal is to have a healthy relationship by June 2011. I would rewrite my goal statement as- “It is June 1st, 2011 and I am walking hand-in-hand with my mate along the beach. I am so happy and grateful we have each other.” When we write our goals this way we energize our life and signal to the universe it is already done. We then take it a step forward and act as if it is already done by feeling the feelings consistently as if it is already done.

V. Now write these statements you have constructed on note cards and read them throughout each day and night. As you read them let yourself feel the feelings, the qualities that would accompany having that goal met as if you are having it right then; see it, envision yourself fully experiencing that goal met, feel it, taste it, hear it, etc. As long as you stay in the positivity of the experience you want to have and experience, and avoid skepticism or negativity, your energy will attract like energy to you, then you will create what you want and accomplish your goal!

VI. Now Take action each day towards that goal being fulfilled. Create a task list for each goal and each day choose to do some of these tasks to move you closer to your dream come true. As you are completing your tasks, make sure you praise yourself and feel the positive feelings associated with fully receiving that goal intended.

…REMEMBER, the universe doesn’t know the difference between just your made-up positive thoughts and feelings and what is reality. According to the “Law of attraction-” like energy attracts like energy. So the more time you stay in the positive feelings and thoughts and actions associated with your goal, the more likely you will manifest it.

Last but certainly not least…

VII. Now Check out your Mindset, Beliefs and Attitude: Your thoughts, beliefs and attitude must be in alignment with your life purpose, spirit and your true desire. You need to believe you can have it, you deserve it and it is right for you to have it, no guilt, no lack of faith, no hesitation! For more support and information about this go to and also

**A Bonus Step: Work through your negative thoughts, feelings or inhibitors so they don’t interfere with this whole process. You may have conflict, challenges receiving love or anything, negative people around you, or you exist in negative surroundings. You may need to clean house, let some old stuff go to be able to receive something new. You may need a coach like me to help you with this New Years clearing out process. Come in for a New Years tune-up, schedule yours now!

I know all these steps will assist you and prepare you to have what you really, really want in 2011! What are you waiting for? Take action Now!

Remember: In order to be the person you have never been, In order to have the Life and Relationships you have never had, You must do what you have never done before. Give me a call 310-202-1610 or email me so I can support you in being the best you you’ve ever been and having the best 2011!

© 2007-2011 Dr. Cindy Brown

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