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Dr. Cindy Brown is dedicated to helping you understand yourself better so you can choose to live, relate and interact with life in a healthier more successful way! Dr. Brown is a sought after “mentor-coach” by individuals, employees, executives, groups and organizations locally in Los Angeles, as well as throughout the United States and around the world. She has 20+years of experience getting organizations, employees and individuals of all walks of life, the results they are looking for quickly and powerfully with her direct, intelligent and compassionate way of working and being.

Dr. Brown is also an Internationally Recognized Behavior Specialist, Licensed Psychotherapist, and Author of many popular books and audio programs. A frequent guest on radio and TV as an expert in her field, her dynamic, interactive programs reveal cutting-edge tools and strategies to her clients that increase self-awareness, improve communication and relationships, promote better stress and time management and provide greater work-health-life balance in today’s busy world.

Dr. Brown has helped 1000’s improve their business and personal relationships and tackle sensitive communication, conflict and diversity issues. She has assisted business organizations in improving staff-employee interactions & working environments, managing stress and time issues and improving leadership and productivity, propelling them from “average” to “excellent” companies by resolving their important issues from the inside-out. Some of her clients include: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Crystal Cruises International, Dreamworks, Royal Caribbean International, Meetings & Events USA and many more.

Dr Brown mentor-coaches professional people, couples and individuals, from the Boardroom to the Bedroom, to have a Successful Lives, Careers and Successful Relationships as well!

“I assist you in understanding the possible mistakes you may be making in your personal AND professional behavior, communication and relationships today and teach you the strategies and tools that will improve your life, career, finances and happiness INSTANTLY!”

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