Client Reviews

Dr. Brown you always help me make sense of the chaos I am feeling. I come into your office each week and you help me sort it out and help me to be more productive and successful in my life and relationships. Thank you so much for your love, patience and expertise!

-E.P.               Los Angeles, CA Client

We have gained so much knowledge and skill individually and as a couple working with you Dr. Brown. Even though we may be miles away now, you help us work through our challenges to be better partners, parents and people. A million thanks!

-A & B           Brazil Client

When I first came to Cindy, I was searching for someone to help me with anxiety. I could not sleep through the night, allergies complicated that matter, and I was feeling depressed and not sure what steps to take to make my life better.

Working with Cindy I noticed an improvement from the first session. By the second session my sleeping had already improved, and I was feeling better. As we worked together, I noticed an improvement in my overall health and peace of mind. Cindy has a unique talent of assessing the situation, and providing great suggestions for one to improve their well being. I can honestly say, working with Cindy has changed my life in many positive ways.

-D. L.            Los Angeles Client

I finished reading your book and I’m giving it two thumbs up!  I’m recently out of a relationship and I like the practicality of the whole approach.  I do think it’s funny how people (me included) spend more time researching a car purchase than ‘checking out’ the compatibility of a potential partner.  I think that by using the step by step process you have outlined, I will be much happier with my next attempt at finding a mate.

By the way, I am lesbian and except for the pronouns I found that the book translates completely for my situation.

-Thank you! M.J. K.

Thank you for the message to me (even though I am a gay man) in your book! I decided this morning to make it a slow, relaxing Sunday.  After lunch, I picked up your book and before I knew it, I’d finished reading it cover to cover.  One of the lessons I love is the looking at the 80/20 Rule as it applies to what I want in a mate – it makes so much sense, there is no perfect person.  I’m working on my 101 list now and I’m at 50 so far.   🙂

Thank you again for the great experience and have a great day! T.N.