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I work with YOU (each individual or couple differently) depending on your specific needs. I use a combination of coaching, counseling and other powerful techniques and tools to help you gain clarity and the new skills to improve your situation fast! I am dedicated to helping you achieve the results you desire quickly. I am passionate about helping you gain personal awareness and develop positive energy, so you may find peace and a new way of interacting with yourself and others more successfully.

I can help you achieve what you desire in our sessions together through a variety of techniques, learning tools and self discovery processes. Your next step is now! Make the call to me now if you know you are ready for this kind of coaching process with yourself and me.

I’ve studied clinical psychology, personal growth strategies, a variety of spiritual principles and disciplines, my issues and the human condition for over 20+ yrs. Through my own challenges, personal growth work and individual therapy and coaching Ive participated in, I have gained vast personal knowledge and wisdom of how to work with, let go of and grow from a variety of challenges and situations you too may be faced with. I understand because I have also been there!!!

“My clients call it Brilliance, I call it Experience!”

Take the first courageous step NOW and reach out for guidance, you’ll be happy you did!
310-202-1610, ext. 4

Professional BIO:
Dr. Brown holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters Degree in
 Counseling Psychology. She has been Licensed in the State of California as a
Marriage & Family Psychotherapist (MFT) since 1994 and is a 20+ year member of
 The California Association of Marriage Family Therapist’s.

Dr. Brown has had a successful private practice in Los Angeles for the past 20+ years and continues today to be a very popular
 Coach, seeing clients in these private offices, as well as talking to clients on the
phone and via the web from all over the United States and abroad.

Dr. Brown is the best selling Author of the award winning book-“The Cinderella System,” contributing author of Power & Soul and creator of two best-selling audio and workbooks. A combination of charisma and expertise has made Dr. Cindy Brown a sought-after guest on many radio and television programs speaking on such issues as stress, behavior-modification, discipline, addictions, depression & anxiety. communication, relationships and intimacy issues.

When she is not seeing clients or speaking at organizations, Dr. Brown enjoys such outdoor activities such as rollerblading, hiking, weight training and running on the beach in Los Angeles to keep in tip-top shape. Dr. Brown is dedicated to serving her community and frequently participates in supporting local charities and organizations in need.